End-to-End Solutions for Customer Communication and Marketing Operations

You can collect your customer demands and create marketing strategies by staying in constant interaction with your potential customers through many different channels we offer.

Multiple Communication Channels

The information entered together with the customer form in the chat application is recorded in the DinamikCRM Customers Module.

With DinamikCRM Chat automatic answers, you can create as many automatic questions and answers as you want and direct your customers. You can create as many automatic questions and answers as you want from the Chat Management Panel.

In the administration panel, you can specify the Chat service status, default chat operator and data sources from the chat application, as well as preview the design of the chat window as you wish.

You can send your automatic Nps Evaluation Surveys from your customers right after the "End Chat" button by assigning your NPS Evaluation Surveys that you have determined in the NPS Surveys module to your chats in the administration panel.

You can send important alerts and notifications directly to your client's WhatsApp inbox. Keep users in constant interaction with your customers by ensuring that important messages are always delivered on time.

Integrate your WhatsApp with DinamikCRM to start chats on WhatsApp. Automate order tracking, notifications, alerts and customer feedback.

Develop your digital strategy and use WhatsApp as a marketing tool for direct, personalized communication with your audience.

Easily share your latest news or offers with your selected customers on WhatsApp with one click as an alternative to poor email marketing performance with the DinamikCRM WhatsApp integration.

You can integrate your Personal and Corporate e-mail addresses into DinamikCRM within minutes with OmnEase E-Mail Integration.

With OmnEase E-mail Integration, you can manage and report your incoming and outgoing mails on a single screen.

By making your incoming e-mails fully integrated with the DinamikCRM Modules, you can assign your ticket management via e-mail to the relevant modules with a single click.

Thanks to OmnEase E-Mail Integration, you can send bulk mail to customer records in your DinamikCRM Customers, Firms, Potentials and Contacts modules and collect your bulk mail marketing reports on a single screen.

Thanks to the OmnEase DinamikCRM Video Call application, you can organize online video meetings with your entire team with one click without the need for an additional application.

At the same time, with the video call application integrated with many modules in DinamikCRM, you can send the video call link to your customers in seconds as templates that you specify. In this way, you can have a special online video call link where you can meet with your team and your customers at the same time, without the need for an additional application.

By opening your forms to the outside world, you can start collecting applications from your website or social media channels in an integrated way.

Gather potential from anywhere thanks to the web forms created for DinamikCRM Modules! You can create your form yourself without the need for any coding knowledge.

Thanks to the result action feature, after your web form is filled, you can redirect it to a different web form, web page or end it with a thank you message.

You can assign special rules to your form in the DinamikCRM Forms module structure. When each form is filled, you can send an automatic notification to the registered e-mail address, enter your KVKK confirmation texts, and activate the duplicate registration control.

In addition, you can enter your special css for your form design and customize your designs as you wish.

OmnEase Webchat

Thanks to our chat application, which you can integrate into your websites and applications, you can provide 24/7 live support and report all data through a single application.

Expand Your Customer Base

The potential customer information entered together with the customer form in the Chat application is processed in the DinamikCRM Customers module.

Customizable Design

In the Webchat administration panel, you can review many different settings, including working hours, automatic replies, rule sets, as well as color and design.


Provide uninterrupted service to your customers, even offline, by entering your automated questions and answers into your company-specific artificial intelligence virtual assistant.

NPS Surveys

By assigning your NPS Rating Surveys to your chats, you can send your customers your automatic Nps Rating Surveys immediately after ending the chat.

Track Your Agents Performance with NPS Surveys

Thanks to the NPS® (Net Promoter Score) solution, you can conduct a Net Promoter Score survey of all companies, customers, individuals and employees registered in your account with just a few clicks.

Rate Chat to Your Customers

Your customers can rate the service they receive from the relevant customer representative after the meetings.

Measure Your Support Quality

By analyzing and reporting your customers' feedback, you can measure your support quality and keep your strategy up to date.

Employee Performance Tracking

By recording working hours and targets, you can perform your analysis and prepare daily, weekly and monthly plans.


Reach Your Customers
From Anywhere!

Capture Your Potential Customers

We offer you the most accurate solutions so that you can always stay in touch with your target audience and process the potential customer data you receive in the most accurate way.

Like Your OmnEase Assistant

OmnEase works like your assistant, thanks to the on-screen & E-Mail reminder functions. Whether you are in the office or in the field, you will not miss anything that is important to you by keeping all the functions in your business at hand, anytime anywhere.


Manage All Your Activities and Appointments

Manage Your Customer Communications with OmnEase

You can record and report all communication attempts (such as E-Mail, Meeting, Visit) related to the companies and customers in your portfolio.

Appointment Management for Every Sector

Record all appointment requests from your customers, guests and/or patients on the basis of Location and Specialist. Review and schedule all appointments on a day/week and month basis with the calendar view.


End-to-End Customer and Relationship Management

Manage Customer Data Most Effectively

We offer multifunctional modules for you to process your potential and portfolio customer data in the most accurate way. Wouldn't you like to manage your customer data from the first registration to the last stage through a single application?

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customer

You can both strengthen the bond between you and increase your service quality by sending a new NPS Survey after each service you provide to your Customers, Patients or Employees.

Manage Your Sales and Order Operations on a Single Application

E-Commerce Support Center

You can provide 24/7 live support to your customers by creating a live support system without any coding.

Instant Analysis

You can analyze all your end-to-end operations with instant reports through a single application

Sales Order Steps

You can follow the entire process from product supply to order delivery through a single application.


You can manage the entire pre-accounting process, from invoices to expenses, from income items to payments, by creating your accounts in the currency of your choice.

Online Payment with Credit Card

By including online payment links in your operation, you can receive payments from your customers with a single click.

Feedback Management

At the end of the process, you can rate the service provided by sending NPS evaluation surveys to your customers and take action according to the ratings.

With OmnEase Multi-Channel Customer Communication Management


Lead Recovery Rate


Successful Customer Response Rate


Email Marketing Targeting


User Satisfaction Rate

Customer Communication Strategy Fully Integrated with CRM

With DinamikCRM, which offers unlimited CRM experience with 40 Modules and nearly 50 solutions , you can determine your strategy by analyzing potential records from all over the world through a single application.

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